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钱凯 Kai Qian, Ph.D

美国肯尼所州立大学终身教授 CS Professor of Emeritus @KSU

1979级硕士 MSCS Alumni @ECNU


 It has been 40 years since I was admitted to the first  CS master degree program in ECNU history in 1979 after 10 year culture revolution. I have just retired as a CS professor emeritus in US this year at age of 72. My entire past 40 years in my life is 40 years of my computer science career including study of MSCS, Ph.D of CS, and tenured professor of CS research and teaching. 

I still remember that I was working with prof. Jifeng He and prof. DongHan Zhang on their research projects. I was impressed by their respecting for science, seeking truth from facts, and innovative spirit. They set up good examples for my CS careers. I should say that the innovative spirit in CS at ECNU is an asset. The digital 130 computer system in late 70s was a good practice example  of innovative spirit in CS history. I am proud to be a MSCS graduate at ECNU.

The learning experience in ECNU has been beneficial to my CS research and academic achievement and career. My multiple research projects have been awarded by US NSF and my books have been published by well known publishers in US.

I would appreciate the supports from my professors and academic advisors in  CS department at ECNU in the past and wish CS @ECNU  have success in the future. 

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