The Tenet of Memory: Following the Prestige
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报告题目:The Tenet of Memory: Following the Prestige

报告人:王春东 上海科技大学

主持人:石亮 教授

报告时间:2021115日 星期五 09:30-11:30



Memory is of primary importance for a computing system. The classic memory hierarchy of CPU cache/main memory/disk presents users an illusion of a large, fast, low-cost, and contiguous memory space. However, the CPU’s undisclosed strategies, the mismatch between CPU speed and memory access time, the limited capacity of CPU cache, and the emergence of non-volatile memory technologies, motivate researchers to contemplate the philosophy of memory in dimensions of performance, security, energy efficiency, etc. In this talk, the speaker would present several state-of-the-art research works that manage to make the most of CPU and memory either for high performance or security breaches


        王春东,2008年毕业于西安交通大学,获得学士学位。2013年毕业于新加坡国立大学,获得博士学位。他先后在新加坡数据存储研究院和新加坡科技设计大学工作。王春东目前担任上海科技大学信息学院助理教授、研究员、博士生导师。目前他已发表同行评审论文30余篇,包括IEEE TC, IEEE TDSC, ACM TOS, ACM TECS, USENIX ATC, USENIX FAST, SCDAC等。王春东长期为多个学术期刊和会议服务,如IEEE TC, IEEE TCAD, IEEE TDSC, ACM TOS, ACM TECS, ACM TODAESDAC等。他的研究方向有数据存储、体系结构和数据安全与隐私等,主要关注如何使用新型存储器重塑和优化计算机系统,也在系统与网络安全上有过探索。

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